As an expert in centrifugal separators, we will solve various separation problems by evolving our unique technologies cultivated over the 100 years since our firm’s foundation.

Since our founding in 1918, we have specialized in the manufacturing and selling of centrifugal separators.
For customers in all fields with separation-related issues, specifically in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals, we will make the best proposal to meet those needs utilizing our centrifugal separation technology and experience cultivated over many years.

With Kansai Centrifugal Separator Manufacturing's comprehensive strengths of " Technology, creativity, responsiveness, and human resources,” we are confident that our customers around the world will be satisfied.

Centrifugal separators made
by Kansai Centrifugal Separator Manufacturing

A centrifugal separator is a machine that generates centrifugal force by rotating at high speed to separate each component or object of a substance that is a mixture of multiple components or objects, such as solid and liquid or liquid and liquid.

All of the centrifugal separators of Kansai Centrifugal Separator Manufacturing are manufactured (processed and assembled) in our own factory and we show particular care for each and every part, and achieve a high level of quality through a high rate of in-house production and strict quality standards, while customizing our products to meet our customers’ needs.

We handle three types of centrifugal separators. Our customers can choose the most suitable model depending on their requirements and applications.

KS type ultra high-speed centrifugal separator

It produces the largest centrifugal force in the industry among production type separators, capable up to 40,000G

The centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating cylinder separates and clarifies the mixed liquid.
The high centrifugal effect provides high throughput and can handle mixed liquids that are difficult to separate.

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Basket type centrifugal separator

Available for sedimentation and filtration separation methods.Able to address dehydration and deoiling processes.

The centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of a rotating body with countless holes or a non-porous rotating body is used for separation.
Consists of a simple structure for easy handling. A versatile centrifuge with excellent durability.

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Decanter type centrifugal separator

A wide range of slurry concentrations can be handled, and it is capable of full continuous operation

The centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating cylinder separates solids and liquid, enabling continuous separation and dehydration of the treated liquid.
There is no clogging since no filter cloth is required.

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Sample test

We conduct sample tests using actual equipment for testing sample liquids received from our customers and confirm whether or not separation is possible, what the conditions for separation are, etc. If the customer so desires, the customer can also witness the tests.

Customers can also perform their own sample tests on their own by renting the testing equipment

Image of sample test